BlueLite X1 Software

BlueLite X1 Software, Ver. 1.5a4

Download the latest BlueLite-X1 software installer. Download here 

BlueLite X1 User Manual

The BlueLite-X1 User Manual is installed with the BlueLite-X1 software.
The Manual by itself is also available here in PDF format. Download here  

Software Revision Notes

A PDF file listing the most recent changes to the software. Download here   

Live Panel Update

The BlueLite software includes a Live Panel version that supports control using a single mobile device running the iPanel app. This update will allow multiple mobile devices to connect simultaneously. Download here

Live Panel Update Installation Notes

A PDF file with instructions on downloading and installing the Live Panel update. Download here 

BlueLite X1 ArtNET Utility App

ArtNET Input Utility (.exe file format)

The ArtNetInput16.exe application runs in the System tray, allowing you to use your X1 or X1-Mini as an ArtNet Node. Download here  

ArtNET Input Utility (.zip file format)

Download here  

BlueLite X1 API Sample Apps

A variety of simple apps demonstrate the BlueLite X1 API.

Each User Manual is installed with the app but is also available separately.

CD Tracker

Syncs audio CD tracks with the BlueLite X1 Event List. Requires Windows Media Player version 9.0 or newer to run.


Windows Media Player Playlist

Sync a Windows Media Player playlist (*.wpl, *.3u) with the BlueLite X1 Event List. It requires Windows Media Player version 9.0 or newer to run.



Set a sequence of MIDI Notes to trigger BlueLite X1 Submasters.


MIDI Controller Change

Set a sequence of MIDI CC (Controller Change) values to trigger BlueLite X1 Submasters.


MIDI Trigger Loader

Use a MIDI Program (patch) to control the BlueLite X1 Event List transport controls.


SMPTE Loader

This will automatically load and run a show file based on the SMPTE timecode.



Schedule shows, or portions of shows, to playback at a predetermined time and date.



This is a simple quad chaser/sequencer for the BlueLite X1. It's been superseded by the ‘Live Panel' in BlueLite.


BlueLite X1 API Documentation

BlueLite X1 Application Programming Interface (API) Documentation

Documentation for developers on using the BlueLite X1 API in their applications


SMPTE Timecode Files

The BlueLite X1 hardware offers a SMPTE Out jack, so you can record your own timecode track.

We've provided a few prerecorded timecode tracks for you to use in your projects.

30 Minute SMPTE Timecode

A 30-minute mono audio track of SMPTE timecode.

60-Minute SMPTE Timecode

A 60-minute mono audio track of SMPTE timecode.

180-Minute SMPTE Timecode

A 180-minute mono audio track of SMPTE timecode.

MP3 Format:

60 Min MP3 | 180 Min MP3  

WAV Format:

30 Min WAV | 60 Min WAV | 180 Min WAV  


MIDI to DMX Lighting

MIDI Control of Stage Lighting is a short document discussing some of the techniques and problems associated with using MIDI devices to control DMX devices.



BlueLite X1 DMX Show Control System

Up to 16 DMX-512 Outputs (8192 channels)

The X1 system offers two interface options: the X1-Mini, with one USITT DMX-512 output (512 channels), and the X1, with four USITT DMX-512 outputs (2048 channels).

Multiple interfaces of the same type (either four X1 or four X1-Mini units) can be attached to one BlueLite X1 PC for up to 16 physical outputs total.

In addition, the X1 software provides ArtNET Output for all 16 channels.

SMPTE Timecode

The SMPTE timecode reader accepts 24 fps, 25 fps, 29,97 fps drop-frame (color), and 30 fps non-drop (black-and-white). Format detection is automatic. You can even play pre-programmed shows with a timecode format that is different from the one originally used for programming.

You can also output SMPTE Timecode to create your own timecode track.

(1/4" Phono Jacks on the X1 and RCA Jacks on the X1-Mini)

DMX-512 Output

The X1 system offers four USITT DMX-512 outputs (2048 channels), and the X1 Mini provides one USITT DMX-512 output (512 channels). 

(5-Pin XLR on the X1 and 3-Pin XLR on the X1-Mini)

Multiple interfaces can be attached to one X1 system for up to 16 physical outputs total (4 when using X1-Mini's).

In addition, the X1 Software provides ArtNET output to control a number of third-party software packages, like ArKaos MediaMaster, which allows these products to be controlled without requiring a physical DMX output.

API Support

Automation API

Versions 1.1 (and newer) of the BlueLite X1 Show Control System include an Automation API. This API is intended to allow third-party applications to control the BlueLite X1 software for specialized purposes, for example, complex show scheduling or responding to non-DMX user input.

The Automation API lets an external program do anything that can be done with the BlueLite X1's DMX-512 input.

This includes:

  • Set Submaster Levels
  • Load Presets
  • Set the Grandmaster Level
  • Set XY Crossfader Levels
  • Play, Stop, Record
  • Set Transport Mode
  • Play a specific event list section (DMX-512 input's 'Automate' feature)

In addition, the Automation API provides support for the following:

  • Assigning Cues to either a Submaster or an XY Crossfader
  • 'Quietly' loading a Show file (no prompts for changes, etc.)
  • Monitor X1 State (stopped, playing, recording), Mode (Internal, Timecode, Step), Current Time, and, if applicable, Current Timecode Status (waiting, present, lost)

Automation API Documentation

This document explains how to use the BlueLite X1 Automation API. It includes a simple Visual Basic sample, as well as documentation for all services.



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