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Support for Visualizer Capture 3.0.31 added
BlueLite X1 V1.2 supports Capture 3.0.31.
To download a demo version of Capture go to

To try the power of Capture combined with BlueLite X1 do the following. For best results it is recommended to install Capture 3.0.31 and BlueLite X1 V1.2 on two separate computers connected over an Eithernet connection. If you have a fairly new computer and a good Graphic Card (32MB minimum, but 64BM+ recommended), then you can run both programs on one single computer.

  • Download and install BlueLite X1 V1.2 (or newer)
  • Download and install Capture 3.0.31 (or newer)
  • Launch BlueLite X1
  • Load the show file "Awards.x1"
    (default location is C:\Program Files\BlueLite X1\Samples)
  • Select "Tools->Capture 3.0 (CITP) Interface" from the menu to enable Capture support
  • Launch Capture
  • Load the show file "Awards.cpf"
    (default location is C:\Program Files\Capture 3.0\Projects)
  • Click on the "Universes" Tab. Right Click on Universe "A", select "Provider->Setup" and select "BlueLite Out01"
  • Do the same for Universe "B" and "C" and assign it to "BlueLite Out02" and "BlueLite Out03"
  • In BlueLite: Open the Event List Window
    ("Windows->Event List" from the menu)
  • Press Play to run the show
Besides Capture 3.0 simulating the entire output of the BlueLite X1's 16 Universes (4 per Hardware), the following additional features are supported.

When opening the Cue Editor(Select"Windows->Cue List", then double click on any cue number) any device selection will be reflected in Capture 3.0 (Allow 15 seconds to synch after Capture is first started)

Any Fixture modification (position, shutter, color, ) in Capture will be reflected in the BlueLite X1 show as long as the Cue Editor is open and the currently edited fixture is contained in the opened cue.

This is especially useful if you select multiple fixtures in Capture, then select"Edit->Select/Focus/Patch" from the menu and focus them with one click. All positions will be automatically updated in the Cue Editor in the BlueLite X1. (Modifying the position in the Cue Editor in BlueLite will of course also be reflected in Capture.)

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