"The Bluelite X1 is what every PC DMX interface should strive to be."

" For most DMX controllers SMPTE timecode support is an afterthought. Not with the X1. It has multiple timelines locked to tape so I can build up my show one element at a time without worrying about overlapping fades. Something I really like is that it actually locks to timecode, not just trigger from it. So fades and moves always come out perfectly, even when the timecode source is running fast or slow."

 "After watching the BlueLite X1 create incredible looks (with only a few minutes of programming) on a Catalyst and DL1 for Bill Medley (of the Righteous Brothers) at the new Pavillion Theatre in Santa Ana, I became a true believer. The X1 is a DMX controller with the power of a Hog, with un-matched ease of use and speed, and it is being sold at price-point that is simply unbelievable. Acey Decy Lighting is very excited to offer the BlueLite X1 to our rental and purchase customers."

- Walt Medor, Laser Rentals

Pavillion Theater

- Marty Canavan,  YLS Entertainment

- Mike Djomeh, Acey Decy Lighting

" I'll stack my X1 up against anything out there. For me, it is simply the best control system I have ever used, period."


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"...Our X1 is still our MAIN instrument in ALL our multimedia laser & lighting shows !  What a product !!!
All the best to all of you ! 
...and thanks for this great product !"

 “ If you want an amazing teaching tool for your tech theatre class and a system that even a 6 th grader can run, you need the BlueLite X1 system. My school purchased the BlueLite system last year. Our students have been able to build complicated lighting programs in the classroom and then take our laptop to the auditorium and run the shows with ease. Using their IPhones they can cue fog machines or special lighting from the stage. The system can be paired with Capture pre-visualization software so students can design a lighting program for a play in the classroom and then virtually see the design they created. I highly recommend this lighting system!”

  Jeannette Peel
Alba-Golden High School
Alba, Texas

 “ I use BlueLite at the community and high school levels of theater performance.  Creating and editing cues is so much faster and easier than on typical light boards.  Everything is easily saved and you can edit and tweak your show's lighting design until it's to your liking, then you just run through your show with the space bar!  Did I mention the money this saves?  I highly recommend the product and can honestly say that it makes lighting design easier, better and opens up a wealth of possibilities.”

  Ben P.
Gilmer High School
Gilmer, Texas

 “ There are a hundred positive things I could say about BlueLite that run the gamut from the amazing functionality and ease of use to the incredible bargain that the program is when compared to the cost of a standard light board.  But more than any of that, I've been impressed with the convenience factor.  Having my "light board" run from my laptop, I'm no longer having to spend long, late nights in the auditorium getting my cues written.  I can write them from anywhere.  In fact, I was able to write the cues for our last full musical production while out of town with my students for State TAPPS competition.  And if that's not enough, the fact that the BlueLite App for smart phones will allow you to run your cues directly from your phone is definitely an exciting prospect.”

  Kimberlee M.
All Saints Episcopal School
Tyler, Texas

 “ I work with the lighting designers for both the Lake Country Playhouse and Lindale Community Theater. We have used the BlueLite lighting control system for several shows at both venues with great success.  We are able to create many different lighting schemes and have used as many as 150 lighting cues in a show.  Operation is very simple and precise.  I would recommend the system to anyone who is lighting a play, musical or orchestral presentation.”

  Dean Spurlin
Lake Country Playhouse
Mineola, Texas

Giuseppe Zagaria
Milan Italy