Light In Motion Show Control recognizes the importance of outstanding technical support. If you need assistance with any Light In Motion Show Control product, please use one of the following support options:


Our BlueLite User Forum  is a great place to get help with your questions,  request new templates, and  trade tips and techniques with other BlueLite X1 Users.

We're always adding new Templates to our fixture libraries.  Contact us if you need a new template or visit our User Forum.

The Automation API's are available for users that would like to integrate BlueLite control into their own software.
We also offer "Sample Apps" to expand the X1's capabilities.  

You can also contact us diretly by e-mail, phone or fax:

fax:  (818) 945-4643

Here is where you can find links to our latest software releases as well as links to our new mobile apps

phone:  (818) 945-4642

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